Farmington residents have been largely shielded from the effects of Connecticut’s economic decline, thanks in part to our Town Council’s sound fiscal management.  Recent events, however, mark an unfortunate turning point, as our Legislators voted to follow the largest tax increase in state history with the second-largest tax increase in state history.  We are dismayed that our State Representative, Mike Demicco, voted “yes” for a budget not only labeled as “a bad deal for Connecticut” by the Hartford Courant, but one that will negatively impact Farmington’s ability to pass town budgets that maintain our quality of life, sustain our infrastructure and invest in education. 


With state grants, most communities were held harmless.  In Farmington, not only were we not held harmless, our percentage of reduction was one of the highest in the state.  Mike Demicco voted “yes” to Farmington taking one of the largest percentage decreases in the state in combined state statutory formula grants.  Mike Demicco voted “yes” to significant decreases in Farmington’s PILOT funding.  Mike Demicco voted “yes” to a decrease in Farmington’s public school transportation and adult education funds.  In addition, Mike Demicco voted “yes” to raising our taxes to finance a $23 Million increase in ECS funding for public schools, even though none of the new money will come to Farmington.  Mike Demicco voted “yes” to a property tax credit drop that will affect nearly all of our tax returns next year.  Mike Demicco voted “yes” for higher income taxes for some, and “yes” to canceling the previously-approved business and sales tax cuts that affect us all.  Finally, Mike Demicco voted “yes” for increasing corporate taxes by $700 Million, a move that prompted companies such as GE, Travelers and Aetna to publicly contemplate leaving the state, taking the jobs of Farmington residents with them. 

Despite the pleas of many Farmington officials, Mike Demicco voted with the Governor and against his own town.  His election campaign continuously lauded his record of knocking on every door in town.  It’s a cute gimmick, but Farmington residents deserve more than shoe leather.  This second round of tax hikes and another deficit projection are just too big to ignore.  Now it’s hitting home – our quality of life, infrastructure and education are at stake – and that’s a trajectory we can no longer accept from those who are supposed to represent us.

Mike Clark, on Behalf of the Farmington Republican Town Committee
13 Tanglewood, Farmington, CT  06032

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