Farmington residents have been largely shielded from the effects of Connecticut’s economic decline, thanks in part to our Town Council’s sound fiscal management.  Recent events, however, mark an unfortunate turning point, as our Legislators voted to follow the largest tax increase in state history with the second-largest tax increase in state history.  We are dismayed that our State Representative, Mike Demicco, voted “yes” for a budget not only labeled as “a bad deal for Connecticut” by the Hartford Courant, but one that will negatively impact Farmington’s ability to pass town budgets that maintain our quality of life, sustain our infrastructure and invest in education. 

With all due respect to Department of Econoic and Community Development Commisioner Catherine Smith and her op-ed in Sunday's Courant, perhaps she has been sailing in Puerto Rico on the million dollar DECD funded Amistad for the past few months [Sept. 1, "State Puts Its Fiscal House In Order"]. I was in Connecticut on Monday filling up my gas tank with $4 gasoline.

While she asks taxpayers to not speak ill of the Malloy administration's efforts to restore confidence in our economy, perhaps she also missed the facts that Connecticut has the worst long-term debt situation of all 50 states, that our bond rating was downgraded, our unemployment remains over 8 percent, we routinely borrow or bond money for annual operating costs, the that we recently had the highest increase in taxes in our state's history.

Does she honestly believe that businesses looking to relocate or expand don't know these issues? Someone needs to speak up and tell the emperor he has no clothes -- and I believe the citizens of Connecticut will make that statement clearly in November 2014. Commissioner Smith should be speaking up to the Malloy administration to resolve these issues rather than heading up his re-election efforts with bogus op-eds trying to silence citizens who disagree with the direction our state government is taking.

Michael Clark, Farmington

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