Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As RTC members, we put a tremendous amount of thought and care into nominating an outstanding slate of candidates who are deeply connected to our community. We selected candidates who have, in many cases for decades, given their time to serve and strengthen our town. These candidates are leaders of character who are also parents, coaches, Farmington business owners, school volunteers, and more.

The unfortunate signs that appeared in our town are in direct opposition to our sense of community. As our candidates wrote and posted the very same day the signs were discovered, “nothing is more important to us than the strength and fabric of our community – not even an election.”

The RTC members echo these sentiments and stand with all the candidates – Republican and Democrat – in denouncing the signage that has lowered the level of discourse in this election. We will stand with all candidates and our community to keep our dialogue productive, respectful, and focused on the issues, so that those who seek to create divisions in our community will not win.


The Members of the Farmington RTC, Mike Clark, Chair

For 30 years, I have been honored to call Farmington home. In these years, I have learned firsthand that what strengthens our community are the connections that tie us together in common pursuit of an outstanding place in which to live, work, play, and raise our families.

For decades, the Republican Town Committee has put forward committed leaders who have unparalleled ties to the community and long histories of service in town.  Our slate of candidates for the November 2019 election reinforces this commitment to provide leaders who know the community because they have lived and worked here for years, and sometimes multiple generations.

These leaders are often accomplished experts in their professional fields, small business owners, and volunteers in many civic organizations, have given Farmington an exceptional quality of life, outstanding town services, and great schools.  For example:

  • In 2018 Farmington was voted “Best Places to Live in Connecticut” by, with an overall grade of A+
  • Moody’s bond rating service gives Farmington its highest rating - Aaa
  • Farmington has the lowest mill rate in the Farmington Valley
  • Farmington schools are recognized as top performers
  • Farmington maintains low taxes and delivers outstanding town services to its citizens
  • The Hartford Business Journal named Farmington “a leading hub for central Connecticut economic development”

Businesses continue to choose Farmington, stay in town, and add jobs – because of our successful, business-friendly policies.  Republican leadership has created significant economic success while our top-ranked education system, excellent core services and sought-after quality of life are maintained to the highest degree.

Those statistics stand in stark contrast to the great challenges facing our state today. While Connecticut continues to lag behind nearly all other states in the nation in many economic and job creation areas, Farmington has remained a shining example of what sound policy and responsible management can do.

Our Republican leaders – past, present, and running for the future – offer all residents of Farmington the best of the community connections that make us strong.

The legacy of decades of Republican leadership is one of excellence in education, fiscal management, public safety, and attention to infrastructure. Maintaining these points of excellence is key to ensuring that Farmington will not just survive but thrive well into the future.

I welcome your participation at any level. Together, we can secure the future success of Farmington through sound leadership and community connections. Please attend a Republican Town Committee meeting or contact me today for information on how you can be a part of the team.

Mike Clark, Chair, Farmington Republican Town Committee

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