Dear Friend,

Welcome to the home of the Farmington Republicans.  Our town committee is recognized state-wide as an exemplary group, and our leaders have time and again proven that our core principles – when put to the test – really work.

The patterns we see in Washington, DC and Hartford are no doubt as troubling to you as they are to me.  Last year, President Obama unveiled a budget with a deficit of over $1 trillion – for the fourth straight year.  In our own state, the Democrats have continuously handed us shortfalls in the millions.  In 2012, Moody’s Investor Services – a key Wall Street rating agency – downgraded Connecticut’s bond rating from Aa2 to Aa3 – an event with serious and lasting consequences.

In stark contrast, under Republican town leadership, the town of Farmington was upgraded by Moody’s to the highest municipal rating.  While the nation and our state were drowning in debt, Farmington posted a near-quarter million dollar surplus in FY 2010-2011.

The Connecticut Economic Resource Center’s latest report ranked Farmington, under Republican leadership, third in the state in employment growth.  Indeed, the Hartford Business Journal named Farmington “a leading hub for central Connecticut economic development” thanks to the solutions of Republican leaders.

Businesses continue to choose Farmington, stay in town, and add jobs – because of our successful, business-friendly policies.  We have created significant economic success in a period of recession, while our top-ranked education system, excellent core services and sought-after quality of life are maintained to the highest degree. 

Now, more than ever, we must support our Republican leaders to safeguard these successes and protect future progress.  Your involvement is crucial to our efforts, and I welcome your participation at any level.  Please attend a meeting or contact me for additional information on how you can become involved today.


Michael Clark
Chairman, FRTC

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