Johnny is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.  He is a Professional Engineer, licensed in the State of Connecticut, a self-taught Residential Architect, and a Certified Green Professional. 

He is a past president of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut and has served on the boards of both the New Haven and state-wide Connecticut Associations.

Johnny is a second generation member of a local family home building business.  He has both personal and professional experience with land use commissions in both Farmington and other local cities and towns.  His combination of engineering and architectural design experience makes him a standout fit for the Zoning Board of Appeals.  In addition, Johnny currently serves on the Department of Administration Services Codes & Standards Committee, and has served on the Department of Environmental Protection Low Impact Design task force, and on the State of CT Department of Public Health Sub Surface review board.

Johnny has been a Farmington resident for 15 years and lives in the Highlands section of town with his wife, Alexis, and five children.  He is proud to have assisted in the construction of the Wheelchair Accessible Fishing platform just west of the Unionville Bridge, and the building committee of the Greg Warren Memorial Field House at Farmington High School.

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